Google Pixel Watch vs. Apple Watch SE: Who Wins The Race

Google Pixel Watch and Apple Watch SE both launched in 2022; technically, Watch SE launched in 2020, but they improved some things, like the different colour options and minor improvements here and there.

If you are a Pixel phone user, then the Pixel watch can make sense to you, and if you are an iPhone user, then the Watch SE can be a better choice. While this is a top view, now we’ll dive into the bottom to know more about the watch features, specifications they offer, and how good they are.

Google Pixel Watch vs. Apple Watch SE: Price, Availability, and Specs

Google Pixel Watch vs. Apple Watch SE

The Apple Watch SE retails for $250 for its Bluetooth version, and if you spend $50 more, you can get the LTE version for $300. It can be bought via Apple’s Store or Amazon.

The Pixel Watch retails for $350, which is $100 more than the Watch SE for the same Bluetooth connectivity, and for LTE connectivity, you need to spend an extra $50 at $400. While this watch isn’t available in the Google Store anymore because of the new Pixel Watch 2, which they released in October 2023, you can get it via Amazon.

Google Pixel WatchApple Watch SE
OS Wear OS 3.5Watch OS 10
ChipExynos 9110 SoC S8 Chip
ColorMatte Black, Polished Silver, Champagne Gold Midnight, Starlight, Silver


If you are a fan of bigger smartwatches, then you won’t find it pleasing that the Pixel Watch only has the 41mm size available, which is not ideal for everybody. The Watch SE, on the other hand, offers two sizes to choose from: 40mm and 44mm, meaning you can find your perfect fit here. You don’t get Always on Display (AOD) on the Apple Watch SE users favourite feature, but in the Google Pixel Watch, this feature is available.

The Pixel Watch offers a round display shape, whereas the Watch SE offers a squarish shape, meaning you can find your preferred shape here. One thing that caught my eye is that the Pixel Watch has a big bezel, making a large part of the watch unusable, while the Watch SE also has a bezel, but it’s not that big.

On both of these watches, you are getting a crown, which can be used as a button or scroll wheel to navigate the watch’s UI and functionality. But the scrolling on the Apple Watch is much smoother than the Pixel Watch, which is quite fascinating for users like me.

Each device comes with three colour options to choose from: midnight, starlight, and silver for the Apple Watch SE and matte black, silver, and gold for the Google Pixel Watch. For the watch strap materials, you get seven options on the Pixel Watch and five for the Apple Watch.

Fitness Tracking

Both devices offer various fitness features for fitness lovers like me or normal users who just want to be fit.Each device can track multiple fitness activities, including running, counting steps, and continuous heart rate monitoring. The Pixel Watch also adjusts your heart rate data with the activity you are doing, and it’s pretty accurate. On top of that, it also uses an ECG to detect any signs of atrial fibrillation.

The Apple Watch SE does have high and low heart rate notifications, irregular heart rate rhythms, and low cardio fitness notifications. These features can help you identify heart rate weaknesses and can also help you detect any critical conditions. It also offers cycle tracking for those who need it.

The Pixel Watch also has a daily readiness score; it calibrates your sleep and activity data for 4 days from your pixel watch and gives a score every morning on how ready you are or not. Plus, advanced sleep tracking can provide an overview of your sleep trends, and they also upgraded to feature sleep profiles, which are some of the best features, but there’s a catch: to use this feature, you need a Fitbit Premium Membership.

In terms of GPS tracking, both devices work fine, whether you are doing activities like running on the road or on the track. They can track pretty well and show you all the data on their respected app.


The Apple Watch SE has the ability to detect car crashes. With Apple’s upgraded accelerometer and gyroscope, it can detect car crashes. The company also said that it has a professional crash detection system that can stimulate head-on, rear-end, side-impact, and rollover accidents. After crash detection, if you’ve been unresponsive for 10 seconds, it will alert your emergency contacts.

While this feature is not available in the Watch, it does have incident detection and emergency SOS, both of which are available in the Apple Watch SE.Apple also added two new features to its Watch SE, which are backtrack and waypoint. Backtrack uses GPS to track your route while you are exploring new areas, and it will help you get back. This can be a handy feature if you love hiking or biking and exploring new areas without worrying about remembering the route.

You can use various Google-specific features on the Pixel Watch because of the Wear OS, which gives you the ability to use features like Google Maps, Google Wallet, Google Assistant, messages and notifications, YouTube Music, and NFC.

Performance and Battery Life

The Pixel Watch runs on an Exynos 9110 with a Cortex M33 coprocessor. It feels smooth and snappier because of its processor, which also helps load apps faster. The Apple Watch SE runs on an S8 processor, which you get in the Apple Watch Series 8, making it feel snappier and faster while loading apps and using Siri.

Battery life is not great on both of these watches, but the Pixel Watch lasts longer than the Apple Watch, which is known for its lowest battery life.

The Pixel Watch battery lasts up to 24 hours, whereas the Watch SE lasts even less at 18 hours. They don’t offer fast charging support, meaning it will take about 1 hour to fully charge it, which is the same as the other smartwatches, but you get fast charging on most of the watches these days.


The Apple Watch SE offers the most advanced features, like car crash detection, backtrack, more screen sizes, and more, for $100 less than the Google Pixel Watch.

While you still get the features and a better battery life on the Pixel Watch, it also costs more. You get all the features you need in the Apple Watch SE, plus you can save some bucks too, so this is a way to go.

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