Amazfit GTR 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Best Smartwatch Wins

Amazfit GTR 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

The Amazfit GTR 4 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 are the two most popular smartwatches on the market. Both devices offer a wide range of features, including advanced fitness tracking capabilities, smartwatch functionality, and long battery life.

Both smartwatches have the best fitness tracking capabilities on the market, so it makes sense to compare them to find the one that fits your needs.

So in this article, we will compare the Amazfit GTR 4 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 to find which fitness tracker is best for you. We will highlight factors such as display, battery, design and build, activity tracking, features, pros and cons, my choice, and price.

Amazfit GTR 4 vs. Galaxy Watch 6: Comparison

Amazfit GTR 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 6
Specs/Features Amazfit GTR 4 Samsung Galaxy Watch 6
Screen Size 1.43″ 1.3″
Brand Amazon Samsung
Model GTR 4 Galaxy Watch 6
Operating System ZeppOS Wear OS
Dust Resistant Yes Yes
Water Resistant 5 ATM 5 ATM
Shape Surface Round Round
Weight 34 grams 38 grams
Body Material Aluminium Alloy Aluminium Alloy
Strap Material Silicon Silicon
Colours Black, White, Brown Black, Silver, Green
Screen Protection Tempered Glass Corning Gorilla Glass
Screen Resolution 466*466 Pixels 436*436 Pixels
Speakers Yes Yes
Charging Mode Wireless Charging Wireless Charging
Battery Life Up to 14 days Up to 40 hours
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 5.3
Processor Dual Core Exynos W930
Internal Storage 2.3 GB 16 GB
Price $204 $360


Display is an important factor to consider when we talk about fitness tracking because you can see more data at a glance.

The GTR 4 comes with a 1.43-inch screen covered in tempered glass, while the Galaxy Watch 6 has a slightly shorter 1.36-inch screen.

While the GTR 4 has a screen resolution of 466*466 pixels, the Galaxy Watch 6 slightly decreases that to 432*432 pixels.

The Always-On OLED display of both devices keeps the display on so users can see information at a glance. But while the Galaxy Watch 6 screen can achieve a brightness of up to 2,000 nits, the GTR 4 can only reach up to 540 nits.

Overall, you get a larger display on the GTR 4, both of which come with an Always-On OLED display. The brightness on the Galaxy Watch 6 is far greater than that on the GTR 4, but you can still see both watches in bright light, so we didn’t see a huge difference in display.

Design and Build

The circular design is most people’s preferred smartwatch shape, and both watches come with that, but there is more than just a circular design.

While the Galaxy Watch 6 has a smaller 1.3″ screen, you also have a 1.5″ option to choose from, which will help you find the perfect fit, but on the GTR 4, there is only one option, 1.43″.

Both the watches have an aluminium build, but the bezel is thinner in the Galaxy Watch 6, and aesthetically, the GTR 4 looks good and feels lighter on the hand.

The GTR 4 comes with a rotating crown and a button, while on the other hand, the Galaxy Watch 6 comes with two buttons; it doesn’t have a rotating bezel like the Galaxy Watch 5 or the Watch 6 Classic.

Activity Tracking

In terms of activity tracking, both watches have similar features, like being able to track sleep, distance, and calories; measure pace; provide sleep reports; detect activities automatically; use a route tracker; and track elevation.

But the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 has a multi-sport mode. What it does is allow you to easily switch between tracking different sports such as running, cycling, and swimming, which are not available in GTR 4.

Both watches have stroke detection, which uses arm movement sensors to count the number of strokes when swimming.

Overall, in terms of activity tracking, they are both identical; there is no major difference, so it’s a win-win.


Battery life is also an important factor because, with all the cool features and functionalities, if it doesn’t have a good battery life, then it will not be a good option.

The Galaxy Watch 6 has a 300 mAh battery capacity, which can last up to 30 hours with Always on display, and without this, it can last up to 45 hours, which, in my opinion, is decent with the features you are getting.

While the GTR 4 has a 475 mAh battery capacity, which is bigger than the Watch 6, even under heavy use, it can last up to 7 days.
Both smartwatches offer magnetic charging support, and it takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge these smartwatches.

Overall, the battery life you are getting on the GTR 4 is far greater than that on the Galaxy Watch 6, so the GTR takes a win here.


The Galaxy Watch 6 comes with an Exynos W930, which is 10% faster than the Watch 4 and Watch 5. It comes with 16 GB of storage space and 2 GB of RAM; it can open apps 18% faster and is a bit snappier overall.

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The Amazfit GTR 4 comes with a ZeppOS operating system. It has sought to deliver a more fully-fledged smartwatch operating system by including elements like a dedicated app store. It doesn’t match the Apple Watch level of slickness, but we are not comparing it with it either.

Overall, you won’t feel much difference with either of these watches; they both are fast.


If we talk about sensors, then both the Galaxy Watch 6 and GTR 4 have an accelerometer, barometer, light sensor, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, and a biota tracker too.

The Galaxy Watch 6 also offers LTE support and WiFi, which is not available in the GTR 4. But you get an NFC on both of these watches.

The Galaxy Watch 6 has ECG support, fall detection, voice commands, a built-in camera, and a remote control function; all these features aren’t available in the GTR 4.

Overall, as you can see, the Galaxy Watch 6 does offer a wider range of features than the GTR 4. I personally like the LTE support option, which is not available in GTR 4, so it would not be a better option for me.

Pros and cons


  • Advanced fitness tracking capabilities
  • Comprehensive smartwatch functionality
  • Long battery life
  • Bright and colourful AMOLED display
  • Durable design
  • Supports wireless charging


  • More expensive than the Amazfit GTR 4
  • There are not as many third-party apps available.
  • Some users have reported issues with the heart rate monitor.

Amazfit GTR 4


  • More affordable than the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6
  • Longer battery life
  • More durable design
  • More accurate heart rate monitoring
  • More third-party apps are available.


  • Not as advanced fitness tracking capabilities
  • Not as comprehensive smartwatch functionality

Amazfit GTR 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch 6: Price

The Galaxy Watch 6 is priced at $360, while the GTR 4 is priced at $204. As you can see, the price difference is huge, but the features you get on the Galaxy Watch 6 are also more than the GTR 4, so for that reason, this price is reasonable.

My Choice

If I had to choose, I would go for the Galaxy Watch 6 because of the brightness, the design, and the feel; everything is better.

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